LifeSpan Vs HealthSpan

Lifespan vs Healthspan 🥊

Lifespan is the amount of time you will live, and Healthspan is the quality of life you will experience over the time that you live. 

If time is our most precious commodity, then it would be fair to say that our health is on par or at the very least a close second. However way you spin it, both our intertwined. (I believe both are equally important 😉)

Here is why...⬇️⬇️⬇️

Our health determines our quality of life. ✅

Optimal health🌱= A better quality of life☀️

So, it makes sense to shift our focus to healthspan instead of lifespan. Because many will live a “long lifespan”, but few live a “long healthspan.” And the difference is in the quality of how you get to experience your life. 

So, what we put into our bodies matters, and what we allow in our minds matters. Our thoughts are our health. And all this determines your healthspan. 

When it comes to modern medicine it has its time and place. However being prescribed medications is only really a bandaid to the issue at hand and is not the solution. It’s a temporary fix to delay the inevitable, which is more sickness. 

For example, being diagnosed of an illness or disease at the age of 40 and having medications prescribed as the solution for the rest of your days may be extending your lifespan but not your healthspan and as a result your quality of life deminishes. 

If we seek to understand why and what is contributing to our decline in health then you will inevitably get an answer that will improve your health. 

Dr. John Demartini says, “all illnesses, diseases and ailments are derived from not living in congruency with your highest values, not following your destiny.”

He also says, “symptoms are your friend, symptoms are there to show you that there is an imbalance within. Listen to your intuition and embrace the symptoms or they will persist further.” And as a result he says, “what you resist will continue to show up and persist in your life.”

If we address our health then you will live a better quality of life, as the expression says, “health is wealth.”

And what the Dalai Lama says is, “man sacrifices his health to make money, then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.”

The irony is, that if we focus on our own healthspan, then there is a better quality of life that is always abundant of whatever it is we chose to experience. 

You can experience your life in an optimal state of health right up until you pass on, believe it.

An investment in your health will last you a lifetime.

Health is a Lifestyle 🌱☀️🌸🌾🌎

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